About Cake and Cunnilingus Day

I'm Ms. Naughty. I'm a filmmaker, writer and web designer who has been making and curating porn for women on the internet since 2000. My focus has always been to promote erotica that gave priority to female pleasure and to women's experiences of sex. The need for more cunnilingus in porn has long been an interest.

In 2006, upon hearing about "Steak and a Blowjob" Day, I decided it was time that women had a similar holiday, something that echoed the desire for oral sex and food. On the 15th March in that year I wrote this blog post calling for a new day to celebrate cunnilingus, a month after the Steak and a Blowjob Day (hence, April 14). And then I got excited and made a little website to go with it - this one.

My idea was simple - women should have a day where they get to eat as much cake as they want and enjoyed getting their clit licked without hesitation.

Ten years later, Cake and Cunnilingus Day has grown in recognition to the point that it's been mentioned in plenty of blog posts and even has an erroneous Urban Dictionary definition.

Alas, it also has its imitators. For a while there's been a Facebook page that ripped off the idea (and my logo) and pretended it was theirs. They have since expanded to create a full html site and they still claim it's their idea. Suffice to say, this site is the real deal. Here's more info on this copyright issue.

Cunnilingus is still taboo in society - films are censored if they feature it, even when blowjobs are ignored by the censors. It's still the sex act that gets the least amount of screen time in porn. And women are still nervous about asking for it and enjoying it.

Cake and Cunnilingus Day is about standing up for pleasure, it's about women demanding the equal right to enjoy ourselves in bed - and in the kitchen! So go forth, eat that cake without guilt and encourage your partner to lick your pussy. For that way lies the path to true pleasure!


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"Rick consuming his vulva cake" by Paul Irish - via Flickr.
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