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  • Red velvet cake, a perfect match for pussy licking.

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April 14 Is Cake And Cunnilingus Day!

Why? Well, as some enterprising men have declared March 14 to be "Steak and Blowjob Day", we women thought we'd get in on the act as well, a month later.

Cake and Cunnilingus Day is about celebrating female pleasure. It's about putting our orgasms on the agenda and demanding pleasure equality! It's about lying back and gorging on chocolate mud cake while our lover sticks his eager tongue into our pussy!

Valentine's Day is for lovers, no matter what their gender. It's about emotion, about committment, about relationships.

Cake and Cunnilingus Day is a little more carnally obsessed. Forget the roses! This day puts the focus on women, their sexuality... and their tastebuds!

Of course, it doesn't have to be all about cake. If you're so inclined you're welcome to celebrate Muffins and Muff Diving Day. Or Pudding and Pussy Licking Day. Or even Candy and Clit Licking Day. The important thing is that our coochies get the oral treatment they deserve!

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All About That Cake

Mmmm, cake. On Cake and Cunnilingus Day, you have the perfect excuse to indulge in delicious, calorie-packed cakey goodness. No guilt, no negativity, just sugar highs and pure happiness. Why not celebrate with a Vulva Cake? These cunt-themed cakes are fun and body-positive. Here's some examples and recipes.


Cunnilingus Slang

Gnash the Gash. Dining at the Y. Growling at the Badger. There's a surprisingly large number of slang terms for cunnilingus and I've gathered them all together in one place so you can expand your vocabularly and find new ways to ask your partner to go down while you're eating cake.


Cunnilingus Erotica

So perhaps you're lacking a partner to go down or maybe you're looking for a bit of inspiration. Check out our recommended sources of cunnilingus-based erotica that is guaranteed to get you in the mood. It's all female-friendly and sex positive so you know it's good quality!


We Recommend...

Bright Desire - a feminist, sex positive website celebrating all the good things about sex!

Cunnilingus In Art

Cunnilingus in art

Going down aint a new invention. Here's some glorious vintage erotic art depicting muff diving.


Cunnilingus Books

Cunnilingus Books

A selection of how-to guides for those who want to master cunnilingus. Plus some tongue-tingling erotica.


Cunnilingus In Films

Cunnilingus In Films

There's actually quite a few Hollywood movies that feature cunnilingus. Check out our comprehensive list (with bonus TV).


Cunnilingus Tips

They don't teach this stuff in school so here's a few hints for both men and women on how to get ther best out of cunnilingus.


Cunnilingus Positions

Sometimes how you position yourself can make a big difference. Here's some suggestions for good cunnilingus positions..


The Better Than Sex Cake

Is it really that good? Check out the recipe for this cake that is allegedly better than getting it on.


The Cake and Cunnilingus Diet

Guaranteed not to make you lose weight. But hell, you're going to have a damned good time!


Cunnilingus - The Article

A look at some cunnilingus history and how pussy licking remains one of the most taboo and ignored sex acts.


Review: The Ultimate Guide To Cunnilingus

"How to go down and give her exquisite pleasure." A review of the guidebook by Violet Blue.


The Fantasy Project

Kate Eden’s research into female sexual fantasies leads her deep into the erotic imagination of women, a lush world of pleasure without consequences. Her subjects reveal a list of secret desires: a threesome with two men, a magic room with a male slave who exists only to give pleasure, a full service massage, and a dark exploration of submission and group sex.

Her research is fascinating, arousing and all-consuming. But will Kate’s passion for her work lead her to lose herself - and her relationship?

Watch the full film online here