Cake and Cunnilingus Day - Copyright Infringement

This page exists to draw attention to ongoing flagrant copyright infringement of my site, logo and idea.

In 2006, upon hearing about "Steak and a Blowjob" Day, I decided it was time that women had a similar holiday, something that echoed the desire for oral sex and food. On the 15th March in that year I wrote this blog post calling for a new day to celebrate cunnilingus, a month after the Steak and a Blowjob Day (hence, April 14).

And then I got excited and made a little website to go with it - this one.

Here's the Wayback Machine record of the site in 2006.

Wayback Machine Cake and Cunnilingus site 2006

Then, in 2011, I noticed that someone had created a Facebook page that copied my logo and claimed that they had invented the idea of Cake and Cunnilingus Day. I challenged them on their page about it.

Facebook fake Cake and Cunnilingus page in 2011

I did not complain to Facebook about the copyright infringement because they make it rather difficult to do so, demanding evidence of trademarking. I did not trademark "Cake and Cunnilingus Day" because I wanted it to be an idea shared by people.

They then changed their logo to somthing extremely similar to the tongue/cake logo and continued to claim that they were the creators of the day.

Today, 6th April 2016 I discover that these people have now created a full site - using that same similar logo and they continue to claim they created the idea. They do not credit me or the original site. They are selling T-shirts and other items, ostensibly for charity. They also have two Facebook pages claiming the same thing and an unused Twitter account.

These people claim they invented the day

Their "about" page features their claim they invented it and writing that is pretty damned similar to my original site.

Their details have been made private so right now I don't know who is behind it.

The fact is, it's pretty fucking galling to have someone steal your idea and pretend it's their own. I wanted Cake and Cunnilingus Day to be a fun idea adopted by a lot of people but I didn't expect some of them to just rip it off and claim they made it all up themselves. Even if they are doing it for charity, they cannot claim it as theirs.

I have made this page to draw awareness to the fact that these people are not telling the truth and have engaged in copyright infringement - even if they are doing it for charity.