Vulva Cakes and Erotic Cakes

Over the last couple of years, vulva-shaped cupcakes have become quite popular. The video above showcases photos of some of them.

Here's Stevi showing you how to make a "vagina cake"*.

Wicked Goodies has a tutorial on how to make a vagina cake.

Here's a collection of photos of vulva cupcakes on Flickr (you have to be signed in to see them)

Pic from the Erotic Bakery

Pic from Carnal Cookies


Why not spice up Cake and Cunnilingus Day with an erotic cake? There's actually a growing number of businesses that offer specially-made erotic cakes. Here's some of them:

Le Bakery Sensual
I think these guys get my vote for the funniest male and female cakes - great marzipan sculptures here. Located in Denver.

Erotic Bakery USA
Their website is the height of web design circa 1997, but they've got a large variety of adult cakes here and these guys have stores everywhere.

All American Male Exploding Penis Cake (alas, site is gone now)
This is a little bit different. Created by a New York male strip show, their penis cake is made of layers of cream, filling and cake. "Then we put sprinkle on the balls and put a little cum cream on to the head. And to make it explode we put a balloon filled with cream under the head on the male organ. You then have the bachelorette or birthday girl cut into the head and it will explode, just enough for all to laugh."

Carnal Cookies
Specialists in creating the kind of gingerbread men you don't normally see at a bakery. Their cookies are custom-made to order.

Chocolate Fantasies
This online store stocks naughty candy and chocolates as well as adult party supplies.

NOW CLOSED, Alas: The Erotic Bakery
Open since 1986, this Seattle bakery creates a wide variety of erotic cakes as well as dirty cookies and cheese cakes. Their specialty is marzipan sculpture which can look frighteningly realistic. Thus you can buy a cheesecake topped by a "banana penis". The also do edible images, where a photo is transposed onto edible icing.


* So, pedantic me, I use the term "vulva" to refer to female genitals because it's the most accurate word and its inclusive of the clitoris, labia... the whole shebang. Still, "vagina" is what people most often use. So I've put it in here, begrudgingly.