Cunnilingus Tips

Tips for Women:

* Don't be afraid to tell your partner how you want to be licked. A little instruction can go a long way.

* Some women like to trim their pubic hair or even wax it off to make cunnilingus easier for their partner.

* Try not to worry about your taste or smell. Society teaches us to be nervous about our genitals but healthy vulvas smell and taste fine. If you think it's going to worry you, take a shower beforehand. Then you can relax without being distracted.

Tips for Men:

* Ensure your partner is in the mood for muff diving. If she wants something else, don't push it.

* Lick her clitoris. This may sound obvious but so many men don't realise that the clit is where it's at when it comes to muff diving. Sure, lick her vagina and her inner lips, but if you're missing the clit, it's only half as fun.

*The bottom part of the clitoris which lies above the urethra is also very sensitive so pay special attention there.

* You can pull back the hood of the clit with your fingers and use the tip of your tongue to gently lap at the exposed clitoris. This kind of muff diving may be too intense for some women.

* Consider licking her in different positions. Make her sit on a chair with her legs pulled up, Push them past her ears. Make her bend over and lick her from behind. Variety is the spice of life.

* Insert one or two fingers inside her vagina while you lick her clit. Consider using a small vibrator inside while you muff dive.

* Use your whole mouth occasionally. Do some sucking, or put your nose in there too. This shows her you're totally into the experience.

A few unusual tips:

* It's an oldie but a goodie: Use your tongue to write the alphabet. This means you are licking with a variety of strokes and pressures which makes it variable and a lot more fun

* Use a breath mint such as an Altoid. The menthol in these mints stimulates the mucous linings of the vulva and creates a tingling feeling.

* If you can roll your tongue, use it to make a little "tunnel" for her clit and slide it up and down