Cunnilingus In Art

Erotisme by Achille Deveria (Public domain)

Cunnilingus by Edouard-Henri (Paul) Arvil (Public domain)

Obscene caricature of Napoleon III of France with the actress Marguerite Bellanger by Anonymous (Public domain)

One of the illustrations from the book "Gamiani a night of excess" published in Brussels in 1833. The author of the text and illustrations are unknown. The author of the text is Alfred de Musset, and that of Achilles Devéria illustrations (1800-1857). Legend of the original edition: "Here everyone moves, stirs, excites pleasure, I devour eyes this lively scene, both hands beating a burning throat or carry on more frantic secret charms yet ."
Translated from the French (Public domain)

Kama Sutra illustration (Public domain)

Erotic scene by Heinrich Lossow (Public domain)

La Grande Danse macabre des vifs by Martin van Maele (Public domain)

Making Love by Michaly Zichy (Public domain)