Lick My Cunt

Mmmm. Good Sex.
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Sex where he's hitting all the right spots at the right time.
Sex where your fantasies are firing and making you hotter by the second.
Sex where your nipples are hard, your cunt is wet and your clit is throbbing.
Sex where he just can't get enough of you, can't take his eyes off you as you come and come again.
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"I watched him begin to work his hand up and down, and then I watched his face. His eyes remained closed, and there was a tiny furrow between his brows, the mark of concentration mixed with pleasure as he quickened his pace. I wondered what he was thinking. Was he seeing me in his mind's eye? Did he imagine himself fucking me, or was it someone else? Whose thighs did he stroke? Whose mouth did he penetrate with his cock?"

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